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Human IL-10–producing Th1 cells exhibit a molecular signature distinct from Tr1 cells in malaria

The Journal of Clinical Investigation


Edwards, Chelsea L; Ng, Susanna S; de Labastida Rivera, Fabian; Corvino, Dillon; Engel, Jessica A; De Oca, Marcela Montes; Bukali, Luzia; Frame, Teija CM; Bunn, Patrick T; Chauhan, Shashi Bhushan;

STING activation promotes autologous type I interferon-dependent development of type 1 regulatory T cells during malaria



Wang, Yulin; Rivera, Fabian; Edwards, Chelsea; Frame, Teija; Engel, Jessica A; Bukali, Luzia; Na, Jinrui; Ng, Susanna; Corvino, Dillon; de Oca, Marcela Montes;

Increased amphiregulin expression by CD4+ T cells from individuals with asymptomatic Leishmania donovani infection

Clinical & Translational Immunology


Singh, Siddharth Sankar; Chauhan, Shashi Bhushan; Ng, Susanna S; Corvino, Dillon; de Labastida Rivera, Fabian; Engel, Jessica A; Waddell, Nic; Mukhopadhay, Pamela; Johnston, Rebecca L; Koufariotis, Lambros T;

NKG7 Is Required for Optimal Antitumor T-cell Immunity

Cancer Immunology Research


Li, Xian-Yang; Corvino, Dillon; Nowlan, Bianca; Aguilera, Amelia Roman; Ng, Susanna S; Braun, Matthias; Cillo, Anthony R; Bald, Tobias; Smyth, Mark J; Engwerda, Christian R;

Plasticity of NK cells in Cancer

Frontiers in immunology


Corvino, Dillon; Kumar, Ananthi; Bald, Tobias;

Druggable epigenetic suppression of interferon-induced chemokine expression linked to MYCN amplification in neuroblastoma

Journal for immunotherapy of cancer


Seier, Johanna A; Reinhardt, Julia; Saraf, Kritika; Ng, Susanna S; Layer, Julian P; Corvino, Dillon; Althoff, Kristina; Giordano, Frank A; Schramm, Alexander; Fischer, Matthias;

CD155 on tumor cells drives resistance to immunotherapy by inducing the degradation of the activating receptor CD226 in CD8+ T cells



Braun, Matthias; Aguilera, Amelia Roman; Sundarrajan, Ashmitha; Corvino, Dillon; Stannard, Kimberley; Krumeich, Sophie; Das, Indrajit; Lima, Luize G; Guzman, Lizeth G Meza; Li, Kunlun;

The NK cell granule protein NKG7 regulates cytotoxic granule exocytosis and inflammation

Nature immunology


Ng, Susanna S; De Labastida Rivera, Fabian; Yan, Juming; Corvino, Dillon; Das, Indrajit; Zhang, Ping; Kuns, Rachel; Chauhan, Shashi Bhushan; Hou, Jiajie; Li, Xian-Yang;

The role of NK cell as central communicators in cancer immunity

Advances in Immunology


Balda, Tobias; Pedde, Anna-Marie; Corvino, Dillon; Böttcher, Jan P.;

Proteome‐wide analysis of T‐cell response to BK polyomavirus in healthy virus carriers and kidney transplant recipients reveals a unique transcriptional and functional profile

Clinical & translational immunology


Ambalathingal, George R; Francis, Ross S; Corvino, Dillon; Srihari, Sriganesh; Aftab, Blake T; Smith, Corey; Khanna, Rajiv;

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